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June 17, 2017

TARDIS Library


From Atlas Obscura:



The homemade TARDIS was recently installed on Detroit's Warren Avenue.

The life-size prop replica is the work of local Dr. Who fan Dan Zemke, who also runs a branch of the youth reading program, Reach-Out-and-Read.

Zemke combined his two passions to create the new mini-library.


Unlike the fictional TARDIS, Zemke's creation is not bigger on the inside but it does have room for around 140 books that he hopes people will circulate and replace as they trade them out.

It is a spitting image of the iconic BBC ship.

At 10 feet tall and weighing a ton the whimsical new library is hard to miss.

Zemke told Parade magazine that people claim to have almost gotten in car accidents after seeing it parked there on the corner.



There's a Facebook page with all the details.

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Specialized Q-Tips


Six varieties to choose from.


Extra-long (6") sturdy wood.


I like the double-sided with regular and tapered tips (top).


There's a style to suit pretty much any task you might undertake.


100 of any of the six versions:



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