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June 25, 2017

Folded Paper Furoshiki Scarf


From the website:



Furoshiki (pronounced fu·rosh·ki) is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth.

It can be worn as a scarf, carried as a bag, or used for bundling or gift-wrapping.

This lighter-weight furoshiki softens up the more you use and wash it.

Each is crafted by hand in Japan and printed manually by an experienced team of craftsmen onto premium Japanese cotton.

The edges are carefully hand rolled and sewn for a polished finish.

Collaborating designer Lucinda Newton-Dunn describes her artwork: "This design is based on the Japanese tradition of origami. Continuing with the theme of folding and wrapping, this design depicts a folded piece of paper, exploring three-dimensionality through line and pattern. At first glance, a quarter of folded furoshiki appears to be decorated with nothing more than bold stripes, but viewed as a whole it transforms into an intricate trompe l’oeil."

35.4" x 35.4".



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