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June 30, 2017

Heat-Activated Solar Eclipse Stamp


Coolest stamp EVER.

It's not even close.

From Atlas Obscura:


The U.S. Postal Service on June 20 released a commemorative stamp that will please both philatelists and astronomers.

Called the Total Eclipse of the Sun, the new stamp celebrates the upcoming August 21 total solar eclipse.

This eclipse is going to be a huge deal: it will be the first such event to be visible from anywhere inside the continental United States since 1979, and it will span the entire country, with a path of totality that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, which has not occurred since 1918.

While the eclipse itself will by definition be fleeting, the stamp is a Forever stamp.

What makes the stamp itself special is that it's the first in U.S. history to be printed using thermochromic ink, which means it responds to changes in temperature.

As you press your finger on the stamp, an image of a solar eclipse — based on a photograph from March 29, 2006, shot in Libya — becomes an image of the moon. It reverts to the original image as it cools back down.


49 cents at post offices everywhere.

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