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July 23, 2017

Typepad Interviewed me


Published yesterday, res ipsa loquitur.

Nice that they used my signature green as a backdrop.

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Phone Case with Built-in Selfie Drone


That's different.

From droold:



AirSelfie is the only phone case that comes with your own personal selfie taker inside of it.


It's the world’s smallest flying camera, so you’ll be able to snap photos anywhere — the sky is the limit.

Simply slide the drone out of the cover and launch the app that controls it from your phone.


The drone can be controlled with three different functions that change distance, height, and hovering.

After taking your shot, simply land the AirSelfie into your open hand and slide it back into the case to charge.

The body is durable aluminum and the camera is 5MP.

Pictures can be downloaded to your phone using WiFi.



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