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August 8, 2017

The shortest time between two points is NOT a straight line


From Curiosa Mathematica:

The Brachistochrone

This animation is about one of the most significant problems in the history of mathematics: the brachistochrone challenge.

If a ball is to roll down a ramp which connects two points, what must be the shape of the ramp’s curve be, such that the descent time is a minimum?

Intuition says that it should be a straight line. That would minimize the distance, but the minimum time happens when the ramp curve is the one shown: a cycloid.

Johann Bernoulli posed the problem to the mathematicians of Europe in 1696 and ultimately several found the solution.

However, a new branch of mathematics, calculus of variations, had to be invented to deal with such problems.

Today, calculus of variations is vital in quantum mechanics and other fields.

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"Paris By Night"


Above, the English title of "Une Nuit," which I watched last night.

Really good, especially for those of us who get our foreign travel kicks in two dimensions.

Kicker of an ending, too — caught me completely by surprise.

What's with the 10:01 a.m. post, joe? 

Could become a fixture or might be a one-off. 

Not even Gray Cat knows, and that's saying something.

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Unicorn Nail Dryer


How do you spell kawaii?

From the website:


Allow our super cute Unicorn Nail Dryer to blow a gentle stream of air onto your nails whilst adding some personality to your dressing table.

So easy to use: simply place wet nail on the "magic" star and let the unicorn do the rest.

The nail dryer requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included) rather than Unicorn magic, unfortunately!




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