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August 1, 2017

Christopher Kane Cable Tie Bracelet


OK, so maybe the Gucci platforms at £640 and the $760 Vetements sneakers were a bit dear.


Vogue was all over these Christopher Kane cable tie bracelets when they came out.


You can do much better than the original price of $10 apiece by visiting eBay, where they appear from time to time: I saw three for $12 when last I looked.


Sure, you could get a bagful of no-name ties from Harbor Freight for a penny apiece but where's the style in that, huh, punk?



I just had a thought: order a bunch in boj green imprinted with "bookofjoe," then give them away as prizes and suchlike....

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I agree with Luke. It is possible to remove the ratcheting tab so that they are not one-way tickets. However, I doubt most fashionistas know about the trick and will likely suffer injury. This is a bad idea.

Posted by: marshall | Aug 1, 2017 10:46:19 AM

But, Dr. Joe, these are dangerous.

Cable ties (most of the ties pictured, anyway) are designed to be a one-way noose. They can only be tightened, not loosened, and must be cut off to be removed. Once tightened, they'll cut off circulation and/or respiration.

Do buyers deserve this if they are dumb enough to shell out $20 for a brand name on a 1-cent item?

Posted by: Luke | Aug 1, 2017 9:03:14 AM

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