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August 25, 2017

Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder


From the website:



Holds your polish firmly in place while you paint your nails.

Like a handy painter's bucket — only a million times more elegant.

Fits all sizes of nail polish bottle and sits snugly on your hand.

Bottle will stay in place even if you turn your hand upside-down.

Fits fingers of all sizes and can accommodate every single bottle on the market.

Now you can polish your nails anywhere.

Once you've finished one hand, just squeeze the convenient tabs on the sides of the finger holes to open them up so you can transfer the holder to the other hand without marring your wet nails.


Wave a perfectly-manicured goodbye to spills, drips, and smudges.

Made of silicone.



Lilac, Blue, Pink, or Green.

$19.49 (nail polish not included).

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