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September 4, 2017

Nautilus shell mounted with pearls, rubies, and turquoise — Flemish artist, Medici Workshop (14th-16th century)


Spout: winged dragon.

Handle: entwined snakes.

Francesco de Medici Collection, Museo Degli Argenti, Florence, Italy.

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State of Play


The cover of the latest New Yorker froze me when I removed the magazine from my mailbox.


Because it's me!

Artist Bruce Eric Kaplan perfectly captures the current state of play chez bookofjoe vis-à-vis my phone and iPadz, which I'm looking at way more than my TV — and the disparity keeps getting bigger.

The significant game changer is that the smaller screens are portable, such that I can take whatever I'm watching with me wherever in the house I happen to be, no matter what I'm doing.

The unbelievably crisp, almost 3-D Retina displays are lagniappe.

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Dandelion Paperweight

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 3.40.31 PM

From websites:


A real dandelion blossom, ready to scatter its seeds at the slightest breath of wind, is scrupulously preserved, down to the tiniest detail, in an orb of crystal-clear resin.

This stunning piece is created using a proprietary, highly guarded process by Welsh artisans at Hafod Grange, a 14th-century barn once used by the Cistercian monks of the now ruined Margam Abbey.




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