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September 18, 2017

Best new food of the month: Smokra


Spanish smoked paprika and pickled okra that isn't at all slippery but, rather, crisp and crunchy.

Nice bite but not too hot: just right.

At Whole Foods everywhere; $9.99 here.

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How to make U.S. pennies [almost] always come up heads


From page 307 of the paperback edition of "Genius At Play"* by Siobhan Roberts**: "Stand the coin on its edge on a table and knock the table gently from underneath, knocking the coin over. With this method, more than 95% come up heads."

Nice introduction to Conway here.


*Best biography I've read this year. Utterly sublime.

**Pronounced SHIV-awn by the late author Frank McCourt, who grew up in Ireland.

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Color-Shifting Rainbow Bath Light


From the website:



Automatically switches on when bottom surface comes into contact with water.

Light casts a calming glow as it cycles through the spectrum.

Requires 2 CR2032 batteries (included).

Perfect for bathroom, pool, or pond.

4.6"H x 3.5"Ø.



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