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October 26, 2017

World Population in 2000 by Longitude and Latitude

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.25.42 AM

Above, by longitude; below, by latitude.


[via imgur and RealityCarnival]

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How far should you sit from your TV?


Back story here.

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"Modernist Bread"


Like with Playboy back in the day you can say you read it for the articles but me, I'm totally down looking at the pictures.

From Wired:


If your homemade country loaf comes out of the oven shrunken and unfluffy, you may have neglected a central tenet of breadmaking: Hydrate the flour. When you knead the dough, you are massaging moisture into the wheat's proteins, creating a matrix of gluten that traps gases so the bread can inflate from the inside. "The gluten structure is stretchy but impermeable," says Nathan Myhrvold, the tech millionaire, chef, and creator of 2011's six-volume science-of-cooking megawork, "Modernist Cuisine."


Now, Myhrvold and his team of food scientists and photographers are back with five more volumes, focused exclusively on bread. The photos in "Modernist Bread" range from cross-sections of rising sourdough to artful, side-lit layers of injera.


But so much about baking, as any practitioner worth their pinch of salt will tell you, takes place at the invisible-to-the-eye chemical level, and Myhrvold wanted to expose that hidden process.




Available November 7: $562.50.

In-depth New York Times review here.

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