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October 11, 2017

The price of Harbison —Named "Best American Cheese" at the 2015 World Cheese Awards


You could look it up.

Full disclosure: I love Harbison, made by Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont.

I'm not the only one, witness this paean.


I got to thinking about its price a couple weeks ago when I was noodling around the Jasper Hill Farm website, where it costs $21.

Note: it only comes in one size and style — a 9-ounce spruce-bark-wrapped wheel aged 6-13 weeks — so it's easy to compare across merchants.

IRL I went to Wegman's, where it cost $17.


I had my Crack Research Team®© drill down; they visited a number of websites and here's what they found Harbison selling for:





Consider also that when you order online, you'll have to pay a hefty shipping and handling fee, then wait and hope your delicate product arrives in perfect condition (unlikely), as opposed to knowing it's perfect if you buy it at Wegman's, which has a superb cheese department.

I think — but I'm not certain — that I saw Harbison at Kroger.

And before you say wait a sec, no cheese is worth $29 for nine ounces, consider again what you're getting: something that, in the eyes of experts around the world, is the very best of its kind.

You'd be hard pressed to acquire the best of any number of things for prices many multiples of $17 or $29.

Just saying. 

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Picked one up at my local Wegmans, $14.99. My wife was shocked that I spent so much. We both agree it is very good.

Posted by: Greg Perkins | Oct 13, 2017 5:37:44 PM

Cool, I will look for it at Wegmans. It started here and is headquartered in Rochester.

Posted by: Greg | Oct 11, 2017 2:39:51 PM

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