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November 4, 2017

The Ceiling of Sant'Ignazio Church in Rome


The trompe l'oeil ceiling fresco is completely flat, including what appears to be a dome on the left.

[via Wikipedia]

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"I'm a quantum girl, in a quantum world"

Apologies to Aqua for repurposing their wonderful 1997 song.

Has it really been 20 years?

But I digress.

If you've ever waited to find out a result that's already been decided, you too live in a quantum world: you just never thought of it in those terms.

I'm here to possibly cause you to reframe your thinking.

Consider: this past Monday, October 30, at 12:13 p.m., I was patiently waiting for the 2 p.m. MLB channel TV rebroadcast of last night's epic World Series Game 5, which I turned off with the score tied 12-12 at the end of nine. 

Jeez, it was already 1:17 a.m., nearly five hours into the game, and who knew how long it would go?

Waaaaay past my bedtime, fer shur.

But I remembered from my similar experience with a prior Series game that the MLB channel always shows a tape of the game at 2 p.m. the next afternoon, so all I had to do was not let myself find out the final score until the  rebroadcast started.

I figured the smart thing to do was stay away from ALL media until 2 p.m., which is exactly what I did.

Then I got to thinking that either the Dodgers or the Astros did in fact win last night: I could get the score instantly if I so choose.

But in not doing so, I suspended the result a là Schrodinger's cat: like the cat, both alive and dead until you open the box, the winner of game 5 is BOTH teams until I find out the score.

I enjoyed spending the hours waiting for the rebroadcast in that quantum world, and it occurred to me that everything that hadn't yet happened was in the same superposition.

I like it.

Somewhere Hugh Everett III is smiling like a Cheshire cat (whose smile differs significantly from that of Schrödinger's Cat, which in fact has an infinite number of smiles on tap, just waiting for you to take a peek).

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Japanese Sake Flavor Kit Kat


You won't find this at Wawa or 7-Eleven.

From the website:


The wonders of Japan's exclusive Kit Kat items first went viral with matcha-flavored Kit Kat — but there's so much more out there.

Like this Kit Kat Japanese Sake Flavor.

Yes, Kit Kat is not just kids.

In Japan, there are flavors designed especially with the adult tastes in mind.

If you want a sophisticated snack infused with the flavors of traditional sake, then this is the Kit Kat you have been waiting for!

Inside this pack are nine mini Kit Kats, combining white chocolate with genuine Japanese Masuizumi sake flavor.

Alcohol: 0.8% (not recommended for minors).



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