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November 15, 2017

Nice hack: AirPods stand for iPhone


From The Verge:


Did you know that the charging case Apple ships with its AirPods makes for a surprisingly useful iPhone stand? Well, it does. The trick was revealed on Twitter by Omar Elfanek, developer of Tidings:


It's not perfect. The setup was precarious — at best — in my testing with an iPhone X and iPhone 6 Plus. Both devices, including my new $1,300 iPhone X, slid down the lid a few times whenever I accidentally bumped the table with a knee. Nevertheless, it works well enough, and I'll definitely be using it in the future — I almost always carry my AirPods but never carry a stand.

So, to sum things up: Apple's $159 wireless buds can double as a $5 phone stand. Magic. 

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