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November 6, 2017

Tsubo Gyutto Hand Massager


From the website:



Some of the most effective weapons in Japan's arsenal against fatigue after a hard, long day in the office are the various "tsubo-oshi" gadgets that break the muscle fiber "knots" that build up due to hours spent sitting in front of a computer.

The Tsubo Gyutto Hand Massager from Akaishi, one of the most famous makers of these gadgets, is one of the best tsubo-oshi available in term of both look and functionality: it will make relief from muscle pain and cramps much easier, and you won't need to keep it hidden in your bathroom cabinet like a medical instrument!


The Tsubo Gyutto fits nicely in your palm thanks to its carefully designed shape that brings to mind a classic Japanese item like the bamboo whisk used in the tea ceremony.

This combination of old and new allows this particular tsubo-oshi to blend seamlessly into any room at home or in the office, but make no mistake: this isn't just a pretty face!

It will help you work out those tsubo (knots), especially after a warm bath, and guarantee a better sleep and an even better morning after.


Features and Details:

• 1.9"Ø x 3.5"H

• Black or Mocha

• Weight:  3.17 oz

• Sturdy elastomer

• Instructions: Japanese (but easy to understand and use)




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