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December 4, 2017

"The Suspect"

Maybe the best of the plethora of superb Korean films I've watched over the past few months, since discovering the trove on Apple TV.

NO ONE does car chases better than Korean directors: they make others, including James Bond movies and the Bourne series, seem sedate.


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Most common last names by state


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Oswald Mills Audio Imperia Sound System


"Oswald Mills Audio can't change the world, but we do make the world's best audio equipment."


From the New Yorker: "Their top-of-the-line loudspeaker system, at $340,000, is the Imperia [above and below]: two seven-foot steel towers, each with a couple of huge flared wooden horns, one atop another, along with some smaller aluminum-alloy horns.


Between them, on the floor, are the boxed base horns.


The standing horns, fashioned out of solid Pennsylvania walnut, cherry, ash, or chestnut, bring to mind an old gramaphone, or a morning glory. They make it sound as if the musicians are in the room."


Apply within.

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