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December 9, 2017

"The Keeper of Lost Causes"


This 2013 Danish film starring my new favorite actor, Fares Fares, was the top-grossing movie in Denmark that year.

It's based on a novel by Jussi Adler-Olsen, the first of four features taken from his Department Q series.

Fares and his co-star, Nikolaj Lie Kaas (also excellent) appear in all four.

I found this movie utterly absorbing and can't wait to see the next three.

The second in the series, "The Absent One," broke the box office record set by its predecessor; the third, "A Conspiracy of Faith," premiered in Denmark in March 2016 and in the U.S. in June of last year.

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2017 Area Code Map


[via LincMad]

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Spaghetti Scrub


From the website:



Made from corn cobs (Coarse Scrubs) or peach pits (Gentle Scrubs), Spaghetti Scrubs bring a new standard for eco-friendly cleaning.


Features and Details:

• They dry quickly so they never become moldy or smelly• Unlike a regular sponge, lasts for months• Form and shape allows the scrub to expand to cover large surface areas or contract to squeeze into the smallest kitchen cracks


• Except for the greasiest tasks, no detergent is needed for general cleaning• Coarse scrub is perfect for removing stains from metal cookware or peeling vegetables• Gentle scrub safely removes stains from glass, wood, plastic, and any other surface prone to scratches• Designed by Hiroki Hayashi• Made in Japan



Box of two: $11.

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