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January 12, 2018

Blockchain for Beginners

More here.

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I have an Iceland jones after watching Season 4 of "Black Mirror"

One of the six new episodes, "Crocodile" (above), was filmed in Iceland, which looks so beautiful and alluring, it made me want to teleport myself there instantly.

Once upon a time, perhaps 10-15 years ago, the last time I seriously considered taking a trip outside the U.S., Iceland was where I was headed, but I lost my mojo somewhere along the way.

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Limited-Edition Nesting Bowls — Nicholas Collins


Use your illusion.

From the website:


All of Nicholas Collins' works are limited edition, his fascinations combining opaque and semi-translucent glass with cutting edge technology and finishing tools.

Many of his pieces follow a theme of optical illusion, his ethos being to continually push the boundaries of manufacture and traditional glass making to produce more and more sophisticated pieces and designs.

This is a set of three opaque black & white glass nesting bowls.

These unique bowls are made using a water-jet cutting technology and CAD drawing and design.

Dimensions: Large bowl is 44cm Ø, Medium bowl 30cm Ø, small bowl 16cm Ø.



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