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January 15, 2018

Time Machine


Take a used book purchased on Amazon.

Note that its pages are all yellow.


Open the book to find it was published by Pan Books in London in 1961, having been originally published by William Heinemann Ltd. in 1959.

Stop a moment after settling in with it to think about those things.


It must have been written prior to 1959, things like editing and printing and whatnot being quite time-consuming (take it from one who's been there and done that — but I digress).

Let's say Clifford Irving — yes, that Clifford Irving — wrote the book (158 pages in my paperback edition) in a year, say during 1958.


That was the year I turned 10.

I like to think about the stuff I was doing at that age — a lot of mischief, such as stealing candy and comic books from Fink's Drug Store at the corner of 51st and Center St. in Milwaukee — and imagine Irving sitting somewhere in New York City, where his novel is set, thinking up his story at the very same time.

Time machine.

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The Sounds of the Downhill

Some of the top ski racers in the world describe what it's like during a World Cup downhill — literally, life on the edge.

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Facewaver Exercise Mask — "Beauty skin sag face stretcher"


What's not to like?

Perfect for wearing with Google Glass to blend in better.

Ya think?

From the website:



The Facewaver stretches and tightens the face and cheeks, kneading out wrinkles, lines and sag.

Just five minutes a day and your face will appear more youthful and energetic.

Wearing the Facewaver is like doing exercise on your face [sic], as it gently stretches the skin and muscles in several directions, improving and increasing blood circulation to the surface of your face.

Easy to wear, this is best with five minutes of training each day, the wavy materials working to stimulate and pull on your muscles as you make different facial expressions.


Details and Features:

• Recommended for use for 5 minutes per day

• Nylon/polyurethane (hand wash)

• Made in Japan





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