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January 19, 2018



You screw them into the bottom of your running or hiking shoes or boots.


Bonus: removable.

From the manufacturer: "The recommended installation pattern is 12 spikes/shoe — 3 on each side of the forefoot and 3 on each side of the heel. Depending on size of shoe or type of foot strike, users can customize installation for best traction."

Might be worth a flutter to try them out with some old unused shoes.

Here's an really in-depth review comparing them to plain old sheet metal screws.


Set of 32: $19.99.

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I’ve been winter running with sheet metal screws for years and they work great. I got ice spikes at the end of last winter but haven’t had much chance to determine if they’re any better than cheap screws. You can get sheet metal screws at any hardware store and they’re $5 for a couple dozen. They’re softer metal so they wear faster than ice spikes, but for the price I don’t mind replacing them once or twice a season.

Here’s an example:

Posted by: Dean | Jan 19, 2018 10:05:29 AM

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