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January 13, 2018

Mr. Stoopid aka TechnoDolt®©* learns a new trick


For many years I've used Google Chrome as my #1 browser, for two reasons: 

1) Favicons, which Apple still refuses to add to Safari

2) Default appearance and type size, way more readable on Chrome


The one fault I've found with Chrome is how much effort it takes (took, now that I've seen the blinding light**... but I digress) to create a bookmark, something I do perhaps 50-100 times a day to flag articles which I'll then read en masse while I'm running on my treadmill.


My practice has always been to place my mouse cursor over the word Bookmarks in the top bar (first figure), then, when it turns blue (second graphic), place the cursor over Bookmark This Page in the drop-down menu so it turns blue (figure 3), then click.


All well and good. But when I click Bookmark This Page, over on the far upper right a new drop-down window appears (above). For every Chrome bookmark I've created up till now, I've then clicked again on Done in the lower right hand corner of that menu.

But guess what? I just found out inadvertently, doing something close to nothing but different than the day before***, that there is no need to look at that drop-down menu and then click Done. The bookmarking takes place as soon as Bookmark This Page gets clicked.

Long story short: I've been making unnecessary clicks, prolly 25,000-50,000 per year since Chrome appeared in 2008, because I'm so dumb.


*That would be me

**It's full of stars

***So you think you can dance?

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If one wishes to be even more tech savvy there is always the keyboard shortcut, cmd+D. Once you go keyboard you never really go back. Happy surfing!

Posted by: Pippi | Jan 13, 2018 12:31:53 PM

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