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January 3, 2018

Plastic razor blades just don't cut it


For many years I've read about how plastic razor blades are better than metal for any number of reasons, and I've resisted trying them because come on — plastic razor blades?

Finally Joe Peach, one of my truest and longest-duration fans, many of whose suggestions have appeared here over the years, prevailed upon me to just give them a try.

So I did.

With a fresh plastic blade, I first scraped the flat side of my glass shower door, then did the same with the inside door of my toaster oven.

I then made a second pass, repeating the procedures with a new metal blade (using the same scraper handle as employed with the plastic blade).

In both cases, a significant amount of debris came off during the second pass with the metal blade, evidence to me that "plastic blades just don't cut it."

And no, I did not reverse the process, using metal first and then plastic — it seemed pointless.

Like the guy said, "You want a blue suit, turn on a blue light."

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