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January 13, 2018

Sharkproof Stainless Steel Chainmail Dive Suit



From the website:



This* sharkproof stainless steel chainmail dive suit has protected marine biologists and shark experts head-to-toe since 1978.

The suit's sleeves are worn beneath the tunic to provide two layers of armor from the elbow to the upper torso while the integrated gloves incorporate a "trap door" design that enables one to remove one's hands when tactile manual dexterity is required.

The tunic's extended length front-split bottom is worn under the pants to provide double coverage from the knees to the waist.


The pants' built-in stainless steel belt sleeve extends the entire circumference of the waist for evenly distributed weight support, allowing one to wear the suit with or without the included military-grade harness.

Worn under the pants, the booties secure the feet with Velcro fasteners that enable quick removal for secure topside footing.

The hood provides coverage for the head and neck.




*Not this one (one just like it)

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