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February 1, 2018

"Urge For Going" — Joni Mitchell

I'd never heard nor even heard of this song until earlier this week, when I happened on her live performance on the program "Let's Sing Out," broadcast on October 24, 1966, on the Canadian Television Network two years before she recorded it.

First recorded by Tom Rush in 1967, it's fantastic.

It was released as part of her 1968 album "Second Fret Sets 1966-1968," and later appeared as the flip side of her 1972 single "You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)."


a 1968 studio version of the song.

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A Young Lady of Fashion — Paolo Uccello*


This oil on wood masterpiece is on view at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.

Painted in the early 1460s, it measures 17.4" x 12.5".

From the museum website:


The portrait has a highly decorative quality in which costume and ornament play a major role. The rather flatly modeled face is placed on an insubstantial bust set against a uniform blue background. The woman is portrayed both according to literary notions of female pulchritude, which called for fair skin and blonde hair, and the dictates of contemporary fashion. Costly brocaded fabrics, pearls, and precious stones serve not only to display the sitter's familial wealth and status but also to enhance her physical appearance — in art, as in life. In addition to a red and gold brocade sleeve and a sleeveless overdress, the woman wears a head brooch, a pearl choker with jeweled pendant, and a white cap ornamented with pearls.

This fashionable beauty looks impassive, immobile, and immutable, as if she were outside space and time. Her portrait image has a static, stereotyped character, in which the sitter's individuality is almost entirely suppressed in favor of the social ideals for which she stands.

Bought as a work by Domenico Veneziano, the portrait has also been attributed to Paolo Uccello and the so-called Master of the Castello Nativity.

Source: David Alan Brown, "A Young Lady of Fashion," in "Eye of the Beholder," edited by Alan Chong et al. (Boston: ISGM and Beacon Press, 2003):p. 50.


*Attributed to

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Drumstick Pens


What took


so long?



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