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February 4, 2018

Best picture ever of Janis Joplin


It's on the flip side of sheets of her U.S. postage stamp, at post offices everywhere.

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Space Age Couture — Japanese-Style


Last month Yuima Nakazato presented his latest collection, "Harmonize," at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.


Above and below, exemplars from the collection.


Nakazato says his newest pieces are inspired by the esthetics of space travel and draw on technology allowing humans to live and work in such difficult extreme conditions.


He recycles and repurposes parachutes, airbags, and discarded industrial materials into "space age couture."

[via CNN]

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Keyboard Notebook


"This grid paper notebook is perfect for everything from hand lettering, note-taking, arts and crafts, to project planning, budgeting, and bullet journaling, conveniently sized to fit neatly below your keyboard, always within reach."


$12.50 (keyboard not included).

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