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February 7, 2018

Venice Without Water


From Strange Sounds


"Exceptionally low tides have drained the lagoon of Venice,


leaving Venetian gondolas stranded on dried-up canal banks."


"Many gondolas remained on their docks,


as low tides caused by last week's 'super blue blood moon' dried up the canals,


costing gondoliers their livelihood and residents their transportation."

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World's oldest prosthetic toe


Wrote Ken Rutkowski:


Fake Toes Found in Ancient Egyptian Tombs Could Be The World's Oldest Prostheses

There is a documented history of ancient Egyptians creating fake body parts to augment bodies headed for burial, but a new study suggests that two artificial toes [one is pictured above] recovered from tombs there may in fact be the oldest known prosthetic body parts.

Researchers at the University of Manchester made replicas of the two items — both right big toes — and then had volunteers missing those toes wear them.

The fake toes proved not only comfortable to wear, but also vastly improve the walking ability of the volunteers while wearing traditional Egyptian sandals, suggesting these toes had more than an aesthetic funerary purpose."


[via Live ScienceThe Huffington Post, and Richard Kashdan]

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Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

Dr-pepper-cotton-candy copy

"Savor all 23 flavors of the famously secret formula as you let a tuft of the sugary treat dissolve in your mouth."

3.1 ounces.


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