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February 23, 2018

A visit (via drone) to Arizona's Vermilion Cliffs

From Smithsonian.com:


Located next door to the Grand Canyon, Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is, arguably, one of our nation's most underappreciated natural marvels.

Unlike the tourist-friendly Grand Canyon, which receives an average of 4.6 million visitors annually, only a couple thousand visitors are brave enough to take on the monument's rattlesnakes, scorpions, scorching heat, and 300,000 acres of mountains and sprawling deserts.

Planning a visit is almost as challenging as the hike itself: only 20 people are allowed on each trail on any given day, which requires visitors to plan their trip months in advance.

For those who put in the effort, Vermilion Cliffs offers miles of winding pathways through gorgeous displays of 85-million-year-old Navajo sandstone formations, 3,000 foot peaks, and narrow crevices formed centuries ago by the Paria River.

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