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March 18, 2018

Creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie — J. Kenji López-Alt


Back in the day


he worked


in Cook's Illustrated's test kitchen.


Talk about a perfect match between person and job....

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Mustache Cup

MustacheCup_Ben Husmann

From Atlas Obscura:


The late 19th century was a heyday for impressive mustaches, but it presented various challenges for mustachioed tea lovers.

The heat of the drink melted mustache wax, making corners droop.

Mustaches — and their owners — were literally getting into hot water.

The solution to this problem arrived in the form of the mustache cup.

The mustache cup was almost certainly invented by the British potter Harvey Adams in the 1870s.

Adams patented a butterfly-shaped ledge that was set inside the cup with a hole to drink through.

These sold in great quantities, first in the U.K., then throughout Europe.

In the U.S. they were sold everywhere from Sears to the department store Marshall Fields.

Below, the Ringling Brothers' mustache cups.

MustacheCups_CharmaineZoe's Marvelous Melange

The cups came in many shapes and sizes.

"Farmers’ cups" held as much as a pint of tea while smaller porcelain pieces were sculpted like conch shells or embossed with the name of the owner.

Most had saucers to match, but these weren't nearly as prized as the cups themselves.

A British newspaper classified of the time reads:

    REWARD — If the Lady who STOLE A GENT'S MUSTACHE CUP on Saturday Night from the Little Dust Pan will apply at once, she can have the SAUCER FREE

These days you'll mostly find mustache cups in museums or private collections of Victoriana.

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Scrabble Keyboard

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.19.10 PM

From The Verge :


Massdrop has collaborated with Hasbro to create this Scrabble keycap set that comes paired with an entry-level tenkeyless keyboard (a keyboard without a number pad).

The custom keys come in classic Scrabble colors — beiges, a soft red and blue, and baby pink — and each of the letters sports its Scrabble value.

The keyboard also sports Cherry MX Brown switches, which give a tactile bump when pressed, so you can really be reminded of the clacking from placing down Scrabble tiles.

The keyboard comes with some fun extras (below)


so you can swap out some of your keys to give yourself a few bonuses as you type away.

The keyboard is available on preorder with delivery expected in September.



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