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March 19, 2018

Downton Abbey Time Machine


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BehindTheMedspeak: Why screening fails


Caption: "Lead-time bias: How early detection shifting the diagnosis needle can lengthen disease survival rate without lengthening life."

Far more men die with prostate cancer than from it.

[via Scientific American]

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Elevator Music — Off-White x Byredo


From the New York Times :


When Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Off-White (and longtime collaborator with Kanye West), decided to introduce his first perfume, he had only one request: He wanted it to smell like nothing.

Well, almost nothing.

Mr. Abloh envisioned a fragrance so delicate that it would exist only in the background, a scent so hushed and unassuming that it was barely detectable to the human nose.

He delivered this invisible vision to Ben Gorham, who runs the fragrance house Byredo, and together they produced a scent called Elevator Music.

The first perfume from Virgil Abloh and Ben Gorham will be introduced at Barneys New York on May 17.

The see-through scent contains soft notes of violet, bamboo, and musk, but is so subtle that it nearly disappears on wrist contact.

"We came up with the concept of elevator music because we both grew up in the 90s," Mr. Gorham said, speaking by phone while traveling in Dubai. "Background music had such a negative connotation then, but it was something we could relate to."

Think of the fragrance ($275 for 100 milliliters) as more of a backdrop to your life than as something that stands by itself.

It is nondescript on purpose.

"The idea," Mr. Gorham said, "is that its wearer is noticed, not the perfume."


Apply within (starting May 17).

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