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April 9, 2018

Though Google Glass: Charlottesville 10-Miler Packet Pickup

Shot at John Paul Jones Arena the day before the race on Friday afternoon, March 23, 2018.

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Charm — Howard Moss


Intelligence endures
The sea-shake of the heart,
Its flops and opening nights,
But the body's theatre alone
Eludes even its playwrights:
Too soon the script is done,
The curtain down. Applause.
Bravo! Encore! The lights...
And a rush to the doors.

Because the world's police 
Have instinct on the books
Innocence is nice
But not for long. Good looks
Turn bad, and time's as famous
For playing dirty tricks
As virtue is, whose price
Is beautifully to skate
On increasingly thin ice.

The beauties of the brain
And body are not charm - 
Though charming they can be.
Charm is a sympathy
That sometimes draws a line
Under the unProfound
By an irony of tone,
And it is mostly missed
Once it is heard and gone.

Old bones know charm the best; 
They see the trees for the wood,
The shades at their light task,
The magical latitude 
That time cannot redress;
Their knowledge is their loss:
Under the worldly mask 
They take off at their risk
They feel the pull of childhood.

Life adds up to not much.
Subtracted every day,
Another sparrow falls
Oblivious from its perch.
That truth lacks charm, it's true,
Directly looked at, but
There is that version which
Can sometimes sound the depths
With the lightest touch.

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Pool Guarding Gator — be afraid (very afraid)

From the website:



This faux alligator compels unwanted pool visitors — avian or human — to think twice about an uninvited dip.

The gator is made from buoyant durable plastic and textured to replicate the prehistoric ridged hide of the sub-tropical reptile.

Three hinged body parts form the creature’s head, torso, and tail, and grant it lifelike movement as it floats and reacts to the ambient waves and wind of a swimming pool.

Suggesting awareness of feather and toe alike, its beady red LED eyes can be set to flash or remain steady.

Includes two CR2032 batteries.

36"L x 9.25"W x 1.75"H.



$39.95 (pool not included).

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