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April 29, 2018

On the mountaintop: Looking down at Monticello

Yesterday was the Montalto 5K, which starts at Monticello (elev. 700 feet) and then goes uphill for 700 feet until you reach the top of Montalto, which looks down a fair distance at Monticello's mountaintop.

Did I walk? 

You bet I did; there are seven (7) switchbacks on the course and I made it through the first four before walking uphill for a bit (I didn't lose much ground to the peeps ahead of me who were doing a simulation of jogging very slowly).

I pulled myself together and ran the final switchback.

Below, the extended version.

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How to hone a dull knife

J. Kenji López-Alt — back in 2010, when he worked in America's Test Kitchen for Cook's Illustrated — gives a lesson.

I was astonished at how much better my knives worked after honing them per his instructions.

I wish I'd learned this 50 years ago; better late than never.

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Mutant Extension Cord


Hey, stuff happens.

From websites:


Double-ended extension cord has two 6-foot arms each with three polarized outlets, letting you plug in up to six appliances — use two and plug in a dozen.

Excellent for hard-to-reach areas, tight spaces behind sofas and beds, and rooms with insufficient outlets.

Indoor use only.



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