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April 23, 2018

Swan Songs: Music For Your Final Exit

From NPR:


Chances are your life story can be told in a series of songs — a mix of the music you heard and loved at various stages in your life, from infancy through your teen years, on into adulthood and beyond.

This is true all the way up to the final chapter of your life, after you've shuffled off this mortal coil.

As your friends and family gather somewhere to say their goodbyes, you get one last chance to memorialize yourself with a final song.

This is the song that defines who you were or how you want to be remembered.

Or it's a final, parting thought you want to plant in the hearts and minds of the people left behind.

On this edition of "All Things Considered" we share some of the songs and stories listeners told us they'd like to have played at their funeral.

Some of the songs and the thoughts behind them are heartbreaking. Some are funny. But all are heartfelt and meaningful.

You can listen to an epic Spotify playlist (below) featuring a whole bunch of the songs listeners told us they want played at their funeral.


FunFact: André Breton specified in his will that his body be transported to the cemetery in a moving van. 

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