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April 21, 2018

Finnish Barrel Sauna


From the website:



This outdoor barrel sauna is inspired by the traditional saunas of Finland.

Crafted from weather-resistant rustic cedar, the sauna's barrel shape heats more quickly, evenly, and efficiently than typical box-shaped saunas.


Two stainless steel bands secure the sauna's ball-and-socket construction, providing a firm seal while enabling the 13/8"-thick cedar planks to expand and contract.

A polymer support keeps the sauna level and off the ground.


The stainless steel electric heater from Harvia — Finland's most trusted heater brand since 1950 — reaches an optimal 195°F in under an hour, monitored from the built-in thermometer/hygrometer.

Dry or wet sauna (includes wooden bucket and ladle).


Tempered glass door.

Assembly and 220V electric service required.



Two-person: $5,600.

Four-person: $6,300.

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