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April 6, 2018

The Book of Job


For reasons which don't need mentioning, I'm always interested in learning more about it.

The Book of Job is believed to be based on ancient Semitic folktales.

No work of literature since has better or more eloquently probed the depth of faith and the meaning of suffering.

Scholars' estimates of its time of composition vary widely: some posit a date as early as 2100-1550 B.C.E., while others suggest circa 550 B.C.E.

The author's identity remains a complete mystery.

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IMO the Book of Job is rubbish.

1. In chapter 1, Satan plays God for a fool. And God -- according to the Book of Job -- is a fool.

2. What is the most lethal position in the Old Testament? A relative of Job. You die for no reason other than you are related to Job.

3. Who the hell is Elihu? He shows up, recites a monologue, and leaves. Evidently this character was added later by an annotator who thought the Book of Job was not fucked up enough already.

4. 'What is the reason for unwarranted suffering?' That is the one question this work tries to answer -- and fails. One answer comes from the first chapter -- God does indeed play games with the universe. The more forceful and damning answer comes from Job chapters 38 to 41: in effect God said to Job, "You lack standing to sue me for justice."

So that is the answer, kiddies. Do not look to God for justice, because God owes you no justice. Shit happens. Live with it. Or die. It makes no difference to God. And that, dear kiddies, may indeed be the answer. But there is no comfort in it.

And, oh, by the way, those treasures and relatives that God repaid Job double in the HEA portion of Job 42:10-17 -- what good were those to the sons and daughters of Job that were killed in chapter 1? Does the gain of a second son wipe away the memory of the loss of the first?

Posted by: antares | Apr 6, 2018 7:25:43 PM

I’m embarrassed to say that it took me until very recently to realise the pun behind the name Bookofjoe, and I’ve read your blog for at least seven years. I blame the fact that I’m a non native English speaker, from one of the worlds more secularised countries.

Posted by: Pippi | Apr 6, 2018 12:27:54 PM

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