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May 3, 2018

What's past is prologue*

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It seems like every week I read something that asserts something to the effect of "you can't change the past, so work on changing your future."

Since forever I've silently concurred with this point of view, until yesterday when the penny finally dropped.

It occurred to me that Faulkner was right when he wrote** "The past is never dead. It's not even past."

If all we have of our past is what we remember and if, as is becoming evident, every time we remember something it's different from the previous time we remembered it, then it would seem obvious that we change the past every time we summon it up from wherever it is that memory exists.


**"Requiem for a Nun" (1951)

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I happened on this Netflix series last week and was intrigued by the premise: Norway unilaterally decides to stop producing oil and gas because of global climate change.

The rest of the world doesn't think this is such a great idea, and drama — and carnage — ensues.

Series 1 comprises 10 episodes, of which I watched the first three last night: excellent.

Season 2 offers 8 more.

"Occupied" is based on an original idea by Jo Nesbø, one of my favorite authors.

Netflix, which I pooh-poohed early on, is turning out to be the best $11.99/month I ever spent.

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Hands-Free Flotation Pants

What took so long?

From websites:



Made with buoyant foam, Floaty Pants let you stay afloat without using your hands, so you can enjoy drinks or play party games with ease.


Please specify size: Medium (100-180 lbs.) or Large (170-300 lbs.)


Seven styles to choose from.

Easy-to-adjust straps.




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