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May 11, 2018

Transparent aluminum ceramic makes Gorilla Glass look positively feeble

Videre est credere.

Back story here.

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Vape your vitamins


What took so long?

Just when you thought JUUL and its ilk


had taken over the world, along comes a whole new world of inhalables.

From Nutra:



Developers Hope To Create New Category With Inhalable Vitamin

A pair of entrepreneurs are pushing the delivery envelope with a new vitamin product meant to be inhaled.

Called Vitamin Vapor, it features a suite of B vitamins.

Designed by California startup Inhale Health, the Vitamin Vapor is positioned in what the developers believe to be a new, "blue sky" niche: an inhalable product meant to promote a user's health.

As such, it is not intended to be viewed as a dietary supplement, though with its list of ingredients — vitamins B1,B2,B6, and B12 — it is aimed at health targets.

The company has done pilot studies with human subjects that show that use of the company's vitamin-loaded vape pen for 8 minutes/day delivers a significantly greater amount of the vitamins in question to the bloodstream than does a standard oral multivitamin.

The company uses USP pharmaceutical grade vitamins in an organic base of vegetable glycerin.

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Dr. Fukuoka Hourei Upper Laugh Lines Lifter — "Nasolabial folds anti-aging beauty tool"


From the website:



Fight laugh or smile lines (nasolabial folds) with the Dr. Fukuoka Hourei Upper Laugh Lines Lifter.

Developed by Chez Moi in association with medical professionals, this beauty gadget will work wonders on your cheeks and face if used for just five minutes each day.

Yes, just pop both parts of the lifter tool into your mouth and keep them there.

From the inside of your mouth, the Hourei Upper will help push up those sagging fold lines, fighting to reverse the signs of aging that affect us all.

Tense your cheeks while wearing the Hourei Upper inside your mouth for 20 seconds, and then relax for 10 seconds.

Continue this for five minutes daily.




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