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May 28, 2018

The tragedy of the commons, updated — or, why I won't tell you where I finally found Necco wafers in Podunkville


I am reminded of the time I mentioned in passing to my Mac User group that I have an 800 number at Apple that's always answered by a person, and when someone asked for it and I said no, I got attacked by a number of members for being selfish.

Some people just.don't.get.it.

That was the last time I posted there.

But I digress.

Yogi Berra coined a variation on this theme, to wit.: "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded."

But I strayed yet again.

OK, third time lucky, what?

If I told the world where I found Necco wafers last week (above), well, I'm thinking they'd be sold out in a Podunkville zeptosecond.

And you can bet once the bozos in my Mac User's group started calling Apple everytime they got a spinning beach ball, that number would be disconnected.

And then where would I be every five years or so when I wanted to talk to an Apple peep?

When the oxygen masks drop down, you're supposed to use yours before helping kids. 


Oh yeah, one more thing: they also have rolls of Chocolate Necco!

Best thing ever for breakfast along with coffee.

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Bad breath? Why not try Ora-Tree?


Roz Chast is playing at a level so high you'd need an oxygen mask to visit.

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NiteSpecs LED Reading Glasses


I just might pony up for these.

They cost about the same as the Dr. Dean Edell reading glasses I use, and those don't have integrated illumination.


From websites:



• Pre-installed replaceable button cell batteries

• Extra replacement set included


• Battery life: 50-75 hours.

• Case included



Black, Blue, Olive Green, Red, Tortoise Shell, Golden Caramel.


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