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May 21, 2018

Cap'n Crunch Bo'sun Whistle: Kenneth, the frequency is 2600

Whistle featured above and pictured up close below.

Cap’n_Crunch _Spielzeugpfeife_(2600_Hz)

See it IRL here.

Up top, John Draper gives a lesson.

Below, Steve Jobs tells the story.

Ron Rosenbaum's 1971 Esquire article, which has only gotten more significant with time, here.

Kenneth back story here.

All possible love to longtime bookofjoe Crack Research Team©® founder Richard Kashdan — a.k.a. Mark Bernay.

FunFact: Richard is one of the 10 greatest hackers of all time.

You could look it up.

If we get really lucky, Richard might emerge from his secure, undisclosed location and throw a comment our way.

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So, Joe, you're telling me that the leader of the Pirates of Silicon Valley is Captain Crunch?

Posted by: antares | May 21, 2018 6:01:02 PM

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