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May 11, 2018

Vape your vitamins


What took so long?

Just when you thought JUUL and its ilk


had taken over the world, along comes a whole new world of inhalables.

From Nutra:



Developers Hope To Create New Category With Inhalable Vitamin

A pair of entrepreneurs are pushing the delivery envelope with a new vitamin product meant to be inhaled.

Called Vitamin Vapor, it features a suite of B vitamins.

Designed by California startup Inhale Health, the Vitamin Vapor is positioned in what the developers believe to be a new, "blue sky" niche: an inhalable product meant to promote a user's health.

As such, it is not intended to be viewed as a dietary supplement, though with its list of ingredients — vitamins B1,B2,B6, and B12 — it is aimed at health targets.

The company has done pilot studies with human subjects that show that use of the company's vitamin-loaded vape pen for 8 minutes/day delivers a significantly greater amount of the vitamins in question to the bloodstream than does a standard oral multivitamin.

The company uses USP pharmaceutical grade vitamins in an organic base of vegetable glycerin.

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