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June 3, 2018

Olmec Mask


900-400 B.C.E.; Mexico.

Jadeite; 6.8"H x 6.3"W.

As seen in the spectacular show "Golden Kingdoms: Luxury and Legacy in the Ancient Americas," at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which closed last month.

[via the New York Times]

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Sheep View 360 in the Faroe Islands

From The Guardian:


Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View

Tired of waiting for Google to map the archipelago, Faroe Islanders have launched Sheep View 360, enlisting their ovine population to do the leg work

Living across 18 tiny sub-polar islands in the north Atlantic, Faroe islanders are used to working in difficult conditions.

So, tired of waiting for Google Street View to come and map the roads, causeways, and bridges of the archipelago, a team has set up its own mapping project — Sheep View 360.

With the help of a local shepherd and a specially built harness built by a fellow islander, Durita Dahl Andreassen of Visit Faroe Islands has fitted five of the island's sheep with a 360-degree camera.

As the sheep walk and graze around the island, the pictures are sent back to Andreassen with GPS co-ordinates, which she then uploads to Google Street View.

"Here in the Faroe Islands we have to do things our way," says Andreassen. "Knowing that we are so small and Google is so big, we felt this was the thing to do."

So far the Sheep View team have taken panoramic images of five locations on the island.

They have also produced 360 video so you can explore the island as if you are, quite literally, a sheep.

The islands have a population of 80,000 sheep and 49,188 humans.

As well as obviously helping promote the island to visitors, the project is part of a campaign to convince Google to come to the island to complete the mapping project.

Visit Faroe Islands have launched a petition and the hashtag #wewantgooglestreetview to promote its case.

But would Google Street View ruin the beauty that comes from being such an isolated place?

"I think that we're ready for this," says Andreassen. "It's a place that has always been so hidden and far away from everything, but I think that we are ready to invite people to the place."

Guardian Travel contacted Google to ask if they had any plans to map the Faroe Islands.

They would not comment, but pointed out that anyone is welcome to create their own Street View experiences and apply to borrow Google's camera equipment.

It's not the first time a project has brought together Google Street View and sheep.

Last year the Google Sheep View blog was launched, which collected images of sheep found on Street View to celebrate the year of the sheep.

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Lourdes Sonic Head Spa Alilan Octopus Scalp Massager


From the website:



The Lourdes Sonic Head Spa Alilan Octopus Scalp Massager resembles a mini octopus that sits on your head, its ten "tentacles" providing stimulation to your scalp.


All you need do is put on your head and push up and down.

You can vary the modes and patterns of vibration, each lasting three minutes.


And since this is a Japanese beauty and wellness device, it's also super cute.


Available in pink or black color variations, the "octopus" even comes with stickers so you can decorate it.

66 1.53.37 PM

Features and Details:

For use on scalp and head

Includes decoration stickers

Two modes: 40-100Hz, @3 minutes

Dimensions: 5.7" x 5.7" x 7.9"

Weight: 8.8 oz

Power: AAA batteries x 3 (not included)

Battery life: approximately 60 minutes

Instructions: Japanese




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