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July 6, 2018



The other day I was rummaging through my glove box looking for something close to nothing (but different than the day before*) when I happened on some spare batteries (exemplar above and below, photographed with my muse and resident futurologist).


It occurred to me that neither Gray Cat nor myself will be around — at least in material form as commonly characterized — when 12-2036 rolls around.


By then expect the first Chinese person to have walked on Mars to have returned to a tumultuous welcome to the country dominating that world; self-driving electric vehicles to have displaced gasoline-powered human-guided cars; and companies you've never heard of — because they don't yet exist, their founders still being in high school — on the rise to becoming as dominant as Amazon and Google are today.

*What was that music I was hearing?

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One person sees four bars, the other sees three



[via Reality Carnival]

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Pencil Slingshot



Where was this when I needed it back in elementary school?


From websites:



Lay siege to boredom with PenPOW, a pencil-topping clip that doubles as a slingshot for shooting spitballs.


Slip PenPOW onto your favorite pencil to become head of the class in slacking.


When oriented down, PenPOW appears to be an ordinary pencil clip.


Flip it 180° and you instantly have a spring-loaded catapult complete with an integrated basket for flinging paper projectiles.




Two for $9.97 (pencil and spitballs not included).

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