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July 7, 2018


Carey Mulligan is terrific as a London homicide detective in this gripping 4-part Netflix TV drama, written by David Hare and first broadcast on BBC 2 in February of this year.

It slipped under the radar somehow but my Crack Research Team©® espied it just before it disappeared over the event horizon.

Cracking good.

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White Peacock


More here.

[via Wikipedia and Reality Carnival]

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Personal Dunk Tank


From websites:



Turn your backyard into a carnival!

The Soak N Wet is your own personal dunk tank.

Strike the target, and the person sitting under the bucket will get soaking wet!

Instead of requiring hundreds of gallons of water that are reused all day long, the Soak N Wet uses a bucketful of fresh water each time — and without having to get up.

Simply screw your hose into the attachment and use the control lever to fill up the bucket.

Throw the included bean bags at the target; scoring a hit releases the water inside the bucket, drenching the person sitting underneath with over a gallon of water!

Assembling in minutes, this portable game is perfect for outdoor fun, fundraisers, and more.


Features and Details:

• Buckets of fun

• Volume: 1 gallon

• Assembles without tools

• Dimensions: 50" x 72" x 38"

• Made from durable PVC plastic

• Hit the target to dump the bucket

• A simpler, portable version of a dunk tank

• Packs down into a small box for easy storage

• Features hose attachment with control lever for easy refills

• Includes three vinyl bean bags with PVC pellet filling (5" square)




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