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July 23, 2018

World's Largest Super Soaker Shoots Water 272 mph

From CNN:



What do you do when you're done building the world's largest Nerf Gun? If you're Mark Rober, you set your sights on the mother of all water guns.

Not content to rest on his laurels when Guinness World Records recognized him as the creator of the biggest Nerf Gun on earth, he set his sights on a Super Soaker.

It shoots water at 272 mph — eight times more powerful than a fire truck hose.

It can break through glass, destroy large watermelons, and slice through soda cans.

"It's definitely something you don't want to stick your hand in front of," Rober told CNN.

"You can see in the video we dropped a hotdog in front of it and it sliced it in half."

Today, Rober is a YouTube personality (3,519,228 subscribers) known for his do-it-yourself gadgets.

He made his Nerf gun using plunger heads and pool noodles.

To make the Super Soaker, he worked away at it for six months, he said.

It's seven feet long, holds two gallons of water, and uses nitrogen gas instead of air to get its power.

"It was another classic from my childhood. The Super Soaker was such a big deal when it first came out," he said.

"Somehow it could shoot further and for longer than anything else out there and so I have memories of being the first kid on the block who brought one of these to a water fight. It was like showing up with a machine gun in World War I. I sorta of wanted to pay homage to it after the Nerf gun."

The certificates recognizing both his creations as Guinness record holders are framed on his wall.

"My son and nieces and nephew think it's really cool," Rober said of his Super Soaker. "And I used it with family friends. It was me vs. all of them and it's kind of an even fight ... till I run out of water."

In case you're wondering why a former NASA scientist would be using his talents making a beloved summer toy, a reminder: The original Super Soaker was also the handiwork of a an engineer there named Lonnie Johnson.

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How to measure the straight line distance between two points on Google Maps

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.54.38 AM

From the New York Times:


In addition to supplying highway mileage, Google can calculate the shortest distance between two locations.

The driving directions that Google offers between locations do factor in the available roads, as well as traffic conditions, detours and other situations that may take you out of your way.

While this is helpful for trip planning and navigation, Google Maps also includes a tool to simply measure distances between points in a straight line.

Google Maps in desktop web brower:

When using Google Maps in a desktop web browser, right-click the city or starting point you want to use and select "Measure distance" from the menu.

Next, click the second point on the map to see the direct distance in miles and kilometers displayed in a small box at the bottom of the window.

Click elsewhere on the map to add more points to measure, or click an added point to delete it. You can move measurement points by dragging them on the map. When you have finished, click the X in the box at the bottom of the screen.

Google Maps app:

In the Google Maps app for Android and iOS, find your starting point and press your finger on the screen until a red map pin appears.

The address or name of the location is shown at the bottom of the screen, so tap it and scroll down to select "Measure distance."

Use your finger to slide the map — and a black targeting circle — to your second point so the circle is over the location.

Tap the Add (+) button to link it to your first point.

The direct mileage total is shown at the bottom of the screen.

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King Eye Mask Napping Pillow — Sleeping Face Cushion


From the website:



The Japanese love to take naps.

Whether it's on a train or a park bench, you can always spot a salaryman getting some much needed shut-eye.

The King Eye Mask Napping Pillow is designed to help you feel like a monarch when you sleep, wherever you are.

The back support cushions your neck while the comfortable front eye pillow blocks out sunlight.

Unlike a lot of other sleeping masks or eye pillow products, this one also looks very smart, so you won't look silly when using it.

You can rest your head on your desk or just lean back against the wall behind you.

Ideal for public transport or for grabbing some sleep between appointments.


Features and Details:

• Navy blue

• 9.8" x 5.1"

• Made in Japan

• Weight: 4.1 oz

• Nylon, polyurethane, polyester, cotton



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