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July 24, 2018

"The Perfect 46"

A couple nights ago I watched this movie, which revolves around the consequences of ubiquitous human genome sequencing in the near future.

It was horrible.


1) terrible cast of bad actors, none of whom I'd ever seen before in anything

2) dumb, disjointed screenplay along with bad direction, lighting, and sound

So why did I stay with it until the end, the 96th minute (it seemed like 196)?

Because the premise of the film was extremely interesting and thought provoking, so much so that it enabled me to toss around ideas in my head during the mostly boring, pointless parts.

Long story short: Around 2025, when sequencing an individual genome costs $100, California has mandated such sequencing for all residents.

A company called "The Perfect 46" — a nod toward the normal number of human chromosomes — comes up with an algorithm which analyzes a couple's genomes alongside each other to determine their ability to have a disease-free child.

After a Super Bowl ad introducing the company's test, business explodes.

Then the company introduces Version 2.0.

The update allows the company to search through giant databases and match random people together based solely on their ability to create genetically "ideal" children.

A flaw in the algorithm surfaces, but only after 24 children with Tay-Sachs disease are born to couples who had been told they had no risk of offspring with major genetic disorders.

The company collapses, the founder disappears, and the cautionary tale is complete. 

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Dropcam x Monet


Today when I woke up around 5:30 a.m., it was raining steadily as had been the case all night.


I noticed that the view from my Dropcam (now nest) looking south out the window was blurred by the condensation on the window glass.

Above and below, a series of photos taken with the Dropcam as day broke.


The first was at 5:40 a.m.; the rest over the next 30 minutes.


Things change in a hurry: photons never sleep.

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Perpetual Calendar Stamp — "Never buy another calendar again"

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.56.03 AM

From websites:


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.56.15 AM

The modular Perpetual Calendar Stamp is comprised of 11 interchangeable parts that allow it to conveniently adapt to any month.

Use it to turn normal notebooks into monthly planners and to keep your days in check.

Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.56.08 AM

• From Tokyo-based stationary atelier Nombre Co

• Stamp surface: 1.97" x 1.97"

• Wood, rubber

• 3"H


Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 10.56.11 AM


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