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July 8, 2018

From Jennicam to Ice Poseidon: 22 years of live streaming

"Live streaming began in 1996, when a nineteen-year-old college student named Jennifer Ringley started broadcasting grainy images of her life in her dorm room."

So begins Adrian Chen's superb New Yorker profile of Paul Denino a.k.a. Ice Poseidon, who has nearly 600,000 YouTube subscribers to his live streamed broadcasts (exemplar above) of his daily life.

His legion of virtual fans is called the Purple Army and they sometimes show up at his home IRL to say hi.


Once upon a time I thought doing this sort of thing would be great fun and profitable besides, so much so that every so often for 10-12 years I'd reflect here about bookofjoeTV getting ever closer, every time another technical link was forged in the chain required to make live streaming easy.

When I got Google Glass in 2013 I thought, "Here we go!"

But that never achieved escape velocity and I came to my senses before I destroyed my life by going public.

All I ever wanted to do since I was a small boy was to sit quietly and read, and now that's just what I do.

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Good video and crazy what happened with the flight. I think everyone can relate to this somehow. My closest friend is hope.

Posted by: honestabe | Jul 8, 2018 11:20:47 AM

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