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July 21, 2018

The Snow Artist


From the Huffington Post:


Sonja Hinrichsen is a snow artist.

Her sprawling designs, made by walking in snowshoes, look like abstract crop circles.


She creates her works primarily in Colorado, as well as in New York and the French Alps.


They can take up to a few days to complete, with the help of 50 or 60 volunteers.


"Snow drawings started out of play, during an artist residency in the Colorado Rockies in the winter of 2009," said Hinrichsen. "I had brought snowshoes mainly so I could go hiking in the mountains, and not get stuck in waist-deep snow. However, there were these amazing stretches of pristine snow, no footprints, not even animal tracks, as the snow was so deep. So I started walking into them and making all kinds of little patterns. I didn't think of it as an art project at all, it was just for fun. At some point I took my camera with me to photograph the patterns — and that's when it became interesting."


"My environmental interventions are temporary," she noted. "They are there only until the snow melts or the next snow storm — in some cases, they even disappear due to snow drifts that simply fill in the tracks with fine snow. Sometimes they are there barely long enough for me to be able to photograph them... sometimes it feels like magic."


[via Reality Carnival]

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Gives new meaning to: "I've been walking in circles all day."

Posted by: Kay Wimman | Aug 13, 2018 3:23:46 AM

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