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August 6, 2018

First 3 weeks of a bee's life — in 60 seconds

[via National Geographic and Popular Mechanics]

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Felt Supermarket

Artist + storefront

From Atlas Obscura:


Condiments aren't typically known for being cuddly.

But at one Los Angeles supermarket, any ketchup bottle you encounter — along with all 31,000 grocery products [!] — will likely be delightfully fuzzy.


Fret not, this is no health code violation.

This is "Sparrow Mart," the fully felted grocery store created by 32-year-old British artist Lucy Sparrow.

Closeup artist + storefront

Sparrow spends most days surrounded by layers of fabric in the "Felt Cave," her studio on a secluded farm in the east of England.

Here, she tirelessly stitches and paints all of her creations by hand, accompanied by a few sewing assistants, her studio director, and a plethora of true-crime podcasts to keep her going.

Now Sparrow is focused on unveiling her newest, biggest installation.

Open through August 2018 at The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, "Sparrow Mart" will feature felt iterations of every food, drink, and cleaning product imaginable.


The supermarket's shelves will be stocked with everything from bright red bags of Lay's Flamin' Hot potato chips to hug-worthy boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Kraft Mac & Cheese

Among some of the artist's favorite products available in the supermarket are Windex (for its "gorgeous pump-action handle") and the meat section.


There's also a wide array of prepared felt foods available, from a stocked sushi bar to smiling Sparrow Martburgers and fries.


Sparrow advises those visiting the mart to be sure to read the labels.

She paints each item by hand, which means both that they are intricate and that there are likely a few, precious misprints.


"If they find a product with a spelling mistake on the label, they should buy it.

They're rare, but after 12 hours straight painting in the studio, it's inevitable!"

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Tamper-Resistant Wall Socket

"Tamper-resistant receptacles have been required by the National Electrical Code since 2008."

How is it that this is the first time I've ever heard of them?

I need to wake up and smell the unscavenged isoflurane.

From ESFi :


Tamper-resistant receptacles (TRR) resemble regular receptacles but they're so much more.

In fact, they provide a permanent solution to childhood shock caused by tampering with electrical outlets.

TRRs feature built-in safety shutters that block foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle.

Shutters will remain closed if an object is inserted into one side of the receptacle.

The shutters open only when a two-bladed or grounded plug is inserted.

Do TRRs require special instructions to use?

TRRs work like normal outlets.

When you plug into a TRR for the first time, you may be able to feel the internal shutter system engaging.

If excessive force is needed to insert a plug into a TRR, there's a chance that the plug — not the receptacle — is damaged.

If a plug's blade is bent or splayed, carefully straighten out the blades.

This allows each prong to contact the shutters simultaneously and therefore engage them as designed.

If a plug is damaged and has a sharp edge or uneven blade tip, the plug will need to be replaced.

Inserting damaged plugs into any receptacle may cause additional damage. 

Never use a plug with cracks or creases on the blades in any receptacle.

GFCIsAFCIs, and TRRs are required in all new and renovated homes.

Remember, all outlet installations should be performed by a qualified electrician. 


Ten for $21.83.

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