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August 24, 2018

Google Maps adds 3D Globe Mode


From TechCrunch:


Go to Google Maps and zoom out.

Halfway out, the map's perspective changes from a traditional flat map view to an interactive globe.

Zoom all the way out and the Earth is presented as a globe with landmasses of the appropriate size.

Greenland is no longer the size of Africa and all is right with the world.

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We get email — while I was sleeping, this arrived:


It's nice to know boj is read by world-class scientists.

But I digress.

Pedro was writing in reference to my July 30 post (below)

July 30

on his group's recent paper in Nature (below)


When I posted on July 30, there was no available direct link to allow you to read the entire paper, only the abstract; things have changed.

Pedro — as I always say, "Your wish is my demand!"

Never mind....

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Helpful Hints from joeeze: Disposable Burner Bibs


Got a stove?

The next time you're in the vicinity, have a look at the liners under the burners.

Nuf sed.

25 apiece small (6"Ø) and large (8"Ø), enough so that if you replace them every three months or so, you'll be set for the next 6+ years.

Not bad for $16.99.

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