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September 4, 2018

Rice Paper Magic — Bovey Lee


From Colossal:



Using large thin sheets of Chinese rice paper, artist Bovey Lee meticulously cuts intricate scenes of plants, roads, people, and architecture with an impressive array of cutting implements.


The near weightless artworks are mounted against silk before being hung on gallery walls.


Lee most recently had work on view with Grotto Fine Art as part of Art Basel in Hong Kong, as well as an exhibition with Gavlak Gallery for the Armory Show earlier this year.


You can see many more pieces from the last few years in her online cut paper gallery.



[via This Isn't Happiness]

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Fried Beer

FriedBeer_David Berkowitz

If you fry it, they will come.

From Atlas Obscura:


A crispy creation that lets you bite into your brew

You receive a plate of fried, ravioli-shaped dough with a dark filling.

You take a bite, expecting meat and are met with the flavor of warm, rich stout.

Welcome to the world of fried beer.

Fried beer is the brainchild of Mark Zable, who debuted his creation at the Texas State Fair in 2010 and won that year's Most Creative award (an honor also bestowed to fried Coke in 2006).

Even for those who might be skeptical of the culinary appeal, one has to admire the logistics of deep-frying a liquid.

It would be easy to simply fry a beer-based batter, but fried beer keeps the brew — Guinness, to be specific — intact while frying the pretzel dough around it.

This is no easy task.

It took Zable three years to figure it out. 

Although he won't reveal the exact recipe, speed is key.

Each nugget of beer-filled dough should be deep-fried for no more than 20 seconds.

And just how does it taste?

Zable said, "It tastes like you took a bite of hot pretzel dough and then took a drink of beer."

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Moby Lamp


• Whale-shaped interior lamp with foot switch

• Hard shell lets children sit on it safely


• 27" x 19" x 17"

• Weight: 7 lbs.

• EU plug



[via Crack Swedish Correspondent©® Pippi Heavey]

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