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September 22, 2018

Layers of London (Disambiguation: NOT about English chickens)

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From Ian Visits:


A map of London, as it was during the era of the Tudor monarchs (give or take a few decades) has been released by Layers of London.

It lets you add a layer to a standard modern map, and then zoom in and around London as the Henrys and Elizabeth would have known it.

Particularly visible on the map is the huge moat that ran around the outside of London.

This was the often-forgotten counterpart to the Roman wall (and its later civil war equivalent) that added a large ditch in front of the wall.

That made attacking the wall doubly difficult, as its effective height was then twice the original height as well as being more difficult to approach.

Also look for Ludgate and the then still open Fleet river; as you zoom around you'll start to realize why parts of London have such odd names.

Most of what is the LSE today was Ficken's Field, St. Katherine’s Dock is still a hospital, the Barbican was Le Barbycane, and Liverpool Street station was still the Bedlam Hospital.

Winchester Palace was in Southwark, from whence came "Winchester Geese," a nickname for prostitutes who worked the area outside the control of City of London authorities.

Along with the Tudor map you can view others, such as the Morgan map of 1682 or the Rocque Map of 1746.

Another mapping website of more modern but equal value is the Side-by-Side map from the National Library of Scotland, which covers most of the UK in 1914.

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So you wanna be a writer

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Don't quit your day job just yet, would be my advice.

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Marble Bowtie


Just the thing to wear with your cement overcoat.

But I digress.

From the website:



A series of bowties made from natural marble.


No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.


Hand-cut and polished natural stone.


5" x 2".



Though the website didn't mention it, I will: pretied.


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