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September 12, 2018

"Bron" and smartphones

A week or so after finishing Season 4 of "Bron," the inspiration for "The Bridge" and "The Tunnel," the penny dropped: that superb series, starring the scintillating Sofia Helin as Malmö police detective Saga Norén, would be nothing without smartphones.

There's a phone in almost every scene: GPS, texts, phone calls, emails, photos, maps, tracking cars and/or people — it becomes clear that at least in Malmö and Copenhagen, the setting for the series, modern police work would be crippled without phones.

Indeed, when phones are disabled or unable to get a signal, such as in underground parking garages, all sorts of bad things happen.

It had never occurred to me before how quietly phones have integrated themselves into the fabric of everyday life until I had my epiphany.

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Left cell overnight at repair shop. Called 911 from house phone to go to hospital that night. At hospital couldn't remember any numbers to notify family. Bottom line: Carry a paper list in wallet.

Posted by: Kay Wimman | Sep 13, 2018 11:28:32 AM

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